What does a Lifeguard do at Summer Camp?

Being a lifeguard is arguably the best job you could ever have at camp! You’re going to have the ultimate tan, full access to the stunning waterfront plus the perks of being able to jump in and cool off during those long, hot summer days.  Get your Hasselhoff on.

Many camps will also have daily swimming lessons, where you become the teachers – from beginners strokes to swim meets; working as part of a core team of lifeguards you’ll experience an exciting amount of variety.

As a lifeguard you may be stationed at the lake or pool, then find yourself kayaking or working with the inflatable toys and later hosting a pool party and boat racing on the lake!

Every camp director is going to be looking for enthusiasm, energy and responsibility, as although it is a lot of fun it is also one of the most important and safety focused roles at camp.

Why should I teach Lifeguarding at camp?

If you’d like to spend your summer by the water, swimming and soaking in the sunshine; then this is role for you.

When applying, you should look to highlight your ability and skill level in and around the water. You need to be a strong swimmer and if you don’t have previous experience in lifeguarding, you must be extremely eager to learn.

Lifeguarding jobs abroad are certainly some of the best ways to earn money and we can’t think of a better or more fun place than summer camp.

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